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Fort 4 Fun Easter 4/4 Easter

Fort 4 Fun Easter Club. One of our First collaborations with this fantastic holiday club based in west London. Children of all ages participated, with some wonderful slogans printed!

Roehampton Rocks x Wandsworth Art

This workshop was funded in collaboration with Roehampton ROCKS and Wandsworth Art. They collaborate with artists and organisations within the borough and it was ROCKS that brought about this 3-way collaborative project. The theme was to turn the word R.O.C.K.S into an acronym and just by looking at the creations you can see the amazing...

Fort 4 Fun Summer

Fort 4 Fun Summer Club. Our second collaboration with this fantastic holiday club. As a workshop, we are always trying to experiment and try new things. This workshop was about experimenting with one or more colour to create slogans with two-tones. It was a really exciting workshop that allowed children test and investigate different colour...

Live Well Summer Fair

Live Well Summer Fair 20/8/22 Live Well Summer Fair was a free event for children hosted by H&F council during the summer over multiple sites within west London. Positivi-Tees was added to roster as we strongly believe in empowering children and local communities; its what we do best! We ran this free workshop and it...

South Weald Patronal Festival

South Weald Patronal Festival

Date: 24th June 2023 Time: 12.00 - 3.00pm Location: c/o 1 Lindsey Close Brentwood, Essex, CM14 4PN Description: Positivi-Tees is providing a workshop at the traditional, well attended South Weald Patronal Festival.  Contact: 07940913388